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What is the Waynance Pay

Waynance Pay is a contactless and QR, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment technology designed by Waynance. Waynance Pay allows you to pay on any network, token and wallet, from anywhere in the world.


Merchant Acquiring (C2B) - Payment by QR code#

In this scenario, users are able to make payments by scanning QR Codes provided by Waynance and shown by merchants.

  1. Merchants cooperate with Waynance to get different QR Codes for different products. Merchants display QR Codes for users to scan.
  2. Users open Waynance APP and scan QR Codes.
  3. Users confirm payments by entering passcode or by clicking “confirm” button
  4. Waynance notify Merchants and users the status of payments.


ATM to buy or sell Cryptos#

In this scenario, users are able to request crypto from others which called "Collection" in 3rd party application.

  1. Waynance user grants a 3rd party application the permission to initiate transfer with his/her Waynance Pay
  2. Waynance user makes collection request from others in 3rd party application.
  3. Users(Payer) open Waynance APP and confirm the collection.
  4. Waynance notifies 3rd party application the status of the collection.